We often have parents ask us questions about City Kids once they have a baby. So we’ve put together this information page with commonly asked questions and answers. But of course we’d love to talk to you in person if you’ve got any questions or concerns. Kathy Allison oversees City Bubs. You can also speak to Emma Clemens who is the Children’s Ministry Coordinator at Grace City.

City Bubs is a flexible program to support parents whist they have a young baby. A key aim for the City Bubs team is to help families with young babies remain connected to the Grace City community and feel a part of service on Sunday. Therefore we encourage families with young babies to continue to sit in the auditorium when they can. City Bubs is a break out space in the cafe for when your baby is unsettled  or it’s too hard to be in the auditorium.

Q: What happens in the cafe during the service?

A: The City Bubs team will help set up chairs so you can sit comfortably to view the service on the screen. The City Bubs team will also set up mats on the floor, a play pen, bouncers and toys which you are welcome to use. The City Bubs leaders are there to help support you as parents and facilitate a sense of connection and community in the cafe. This may look like playing with your child on the mat, helping you settle a child or just being there to listen. We pack up the City Bubs space in the final song of the service so the cafe is ready for use by the congregation.

Q: Will we be able to listen to the sermon?

A: A key aim of City Bubs is to help parents connect with the service. Therefore, during the sermon we really encourage parents to try to listen rather than talk to one another. Of course the environment is more relaxed than in the auditorium and with little babies we don’t expect it to be quiet at all times. We can also adjust the volume of the service to suit the families in the cafe, particularly if babies are sleeping. So please speak to the City Bubs team to assist with this.

Q: Do we have to sit in the cafe with our baby?

A: No, you’re welcome to choose to sit in the auditorium. There are plenty of seats around the edges that accommodate prams. In fact we encourage parents to try and be in the auditorium whenever they can to connect with the service. But you are also very welcome to use the cafe space where the service will be playing on the screen.

Q: Is there a change table at Grace City?

A: Yes, the disabled toilet has a change table. We have spare nappies and baby wipes in the City Tots room if needed.

Q: Where can mothers breastfeed?

A: During the service we have a screen set up so mothers can breastfeed whilst also listening to the service and sermon. After the service mothers can use the cafe, auditorium, City Tots or Cubs rooms.

Q: Where can I park?

A: Parents are very welcome to park in the alleyway behind Grace City. This can be accessed off Powell Street. This is a private road, so the car parks are reserved for businesses. However, these businesses don’t operate on the weekend.

Q: Is there a change for my Community Group?

A: The best person to speak to is Matt Varcoe. Some parents decide to continue with their Community Group and bring their baby along. Others decide that one parent will attend on week and the other parent the next week. We also have a Thursday morning group for women run by Amy Townsend. Babies are very welcome to come along to this group.

Q: When will my baby transition into City Tots?

A: We allow parents to make a decision on when their baby is ready to transition. Babies can begin the transition process from about 8 months. The City Bubs and Tots leaders work closely to facilitate this transition. Essentially we begin with the toddler attending for short periods of time with their parents and the building up to longer periods of time. We hope that most toddlers have transitions by 18 months.