Everyone has questions about what really matters in life. Sometimes it’s just really hard to find opportunities to have conversations about these things.

Conversations that matter has been designed to give space to have these conversations about some of the big questions in life.



Each Tuesday we will hold a conversation night.

It will be a chance to meet new people, eat good food while discussing the topic for the week. This will be a great opportunity in tables to discuss these topics and listen to the views of others.


The question will be raised in a short video story and then you will have a chance to discuss the topic at your table. There will also be discussion cards to keep the conversation on topic and fruitful.

The topics will be:

– Is there meaning in life?

– Does God exist

– Do all religions lead to God?


Then on the Sunday after the Tuesday discussion night we will address the topic raised during the week and give a biblical response to the question.

This will be at 10am each Sunday morning.

Come along, meet some people from the local area, enjoy good food, think and have conversations about things that really matter. And maybe even begin finding some answers…

937 Bourke St, Waterloo, 7-9pm