Daily Reading Guides are made to help you get stuck into the Bible each weekday. It follows along with the series we’re doing at church and in our community groups. Therefore you get three chances to understand and apply God’s word to your life. We hope it’ll find a place with your Bible and get opened (most!) days.


Click below to download the latest Daily Reading Guide for our current church series:


At Grace City, we believe that there is no other way to know God except that He reveals Himself to us. The Bible is God’s revelation to us. The words of the Bible are divinely inspired and infallible, as originally given, and have supreme authority in all matters of faith, conduct and experience. The Bible is sufficient for knowing God. It is not only central to the wellbeing of the church but is able to thoroughly equip the Christian community for life and godliness.

Find a time and place each weekday where you can spend 15 minutes or more with your Bible and this guide. Then read the passage. Pray that God would speak to you by his Spirit, through his word. Use the questions to jog your thoughts. As you go, scribble down any thoughts or questions.