One of our key aims at City Kids is that we help build healthy families that bless and grow the whole church. We are committed to partnering with parents to grow the faith of the children at City Kids. Therefore we have produced a number of resources to support Christian parents. 

Children’s Bible Brochure

Reading the bible with your child is central to nurturing their faith in Jesus. When choosing a bible to read as a family it is important to select one that is God centred not man-centred or moralistic, is well written and helpfully illustrated. This brochure provides some guidelines for selecting a children’s bible and then gives suggestions of bibles for babies, toddlers and school aged kids.

Children’s Bible Brochure

Spotify Play List

Singing is a fantastic way for children of all ages to learn and remember biblical truths and gospel concepts. Through song, children can also worship God as their Lord and Heavenly Father. Parents and carers can also display and share their faith with their children by singing along in the car or at home. Each week at City Kids we spend time singing together. Below are two play lists of songs that contain some of the teachers’ favourites that are regularly sung on a Sunday.

City Kids – Various Artists

Christmas – Colin Buchanan

Prayer Information Sheet

There is no one way to pray with your family. Prayer is simply talking to God. It’s important to model that God loves to hear from us and wants to have a relationship with us through prayer. This information sheet includes eight tips for praying with your child.


Anxiety and Worry Information Sheet

Anxiety disorders present in approximately one out of ten children. Often parents may feel their child will ‘grow out of’ their anxieties, but instead the fears seem to worsen with time. Christian parents have a wonderful opportunity to use worries and anxieties as an opportunity to teach their child about God. This information sheet includes six tips for encouraging your child when they are worried or anxious.

Worry and Anxiety

Biblical Language Information Sheet

When talking to your children about God, it is very important that you are aware of the language that you use. Biblical terminology is not frequently used in everyday conversation. But even simpler words that children are familiar with can cause confusion. This information sheet includes five tips to help you be aware of your language when talking about God with your children.

Biblical Language

Celebrating Christmas Information Sheet

Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the gift of Jesus as a family. Too often we can become caught up in buying presents, preparing food and visiting relatives. Whist these are all good and right things to do, we need to consider what we model to our children about the meaning of Christmas. It is important that children see Christmas first and foremost as a celebration of Jesus’ birth. This information sheet includes five tips to help you celebrate the gift of Jesus’ birth as a family this Christmas.

Celebrating Christmas