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November-December 2017


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October-November 2017

Church on Purpose

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September-October 2017

Little Books Big Truths

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July-September 2017

The New You

Looking at identity through Paul’s letter to the Colossians.

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July 2017


Series on three of Martin Luther’s Solas; Faith, grace and Christ.

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June 2017

Weekend Away – 2017

These sermons are from our Grace City Weekend Away. The theme for the weekend was ‘The Word of God’.

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April-June 2017


Abraham is often referred to as the ‘Father of the Faith’. More important than Abraham, however, is the God he worshipped. Genesis calls his God, Everlasting (Gen 21:33). He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

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April 2017

Easter for the Non-Religious

Easter for the Non-Religious

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February-April 2017

Faithful Followers

On the last night before He is crucified, Jesus gives His final words to His closest followers. In John 13-17, we get to listen in to those words and discover what it means to be a faithful follower of Jesus.

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One Off

These sermons are ‘One Offs’ that have been preached at Grace City from time to time that were outside of normal sermon series. Messages are from a range of preachers.

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January 2017

Summer Psalms 2017

Over the summer of 2017, we spent a month looking at some of the Psalms with their prayers, poems, and hymns that focus on God in praise and adoration.

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December 2016

Joy, Love & Peace

Our three-part Christmas series looking at Joy, Love & Peace, all from the opening chapters of Luke’s Gospel.

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November 2016


The story of Jonah and the big fish is a favourite with kids. But the story of Jonah also cuts to the heart of who God is and his purposes for the world.

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October-November 2016

Passionate Church

Passion is mission critical. Passion is a deep, powerful and burning desire within us that shapes the way we act. Over 5 weeks, we look at the 5 passions we want to cultivate as a church.

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September 2016

Trash or Treasure

Looking at two passages – Philippians 3:1-11 & Matthew 6:19-34 – this series explores the kind of joy and satisfaction that comes from knowing Jesus.

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August 2016

Weekend Away – 2016

These sermons are from our Grace City Weekend Away. The topic for the weekend was the theme of ‘The Holy Spirit’.

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July-August 2016

God’s Plan, Our Purpose

As Paul writes to the Ephesian Church, God’s plans for the fullness of time are revealed. And as God’s plans are revealed, we find our purpose.

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July 2016

Relentless Love

Hosea is a bittersweet love story. But Hosea’s story is also Israel’s story, and ultimately our story. Hosea demonstrates the scandal of idolatry and the relentless love of God.

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On Trial - John 5-12May-June 2016

On Trial

As John’s Gospel unfolds, a trial takes place. But this isn’t just a trial between Jesus and religious leaders, because we are also called to come to a verdict over who Jesus is.

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storytellerFebruary-April 2016

The Storyteller

Everybody loves a good story – but what did the ultimate storyteller have to say? We explored some of the challenging truths Jesus taught through Parables.

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March 2016

Easter 2016

In Easter of 2016 we looked at the ‘Start of Life’ and the ‘End of Death’ as found in the death and resurrection of Jesus.

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summer-pslamsJanuary-February 2016

Summer Psalms 2016

Over the summer we spent a month looking at some of the Psalms with their prayers, poems, and hymns that focus on God in praise and adoration.

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carols-for-the-kingDecember 2015

Carols for the King

As we approached our first Christmas together as a church, we spent some time looking at meaning behind the carols that we all enjoy to sing each year.

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church-in-the-cityOctober – December 2015

Church In The City

We are God’s Church in the city of Sydney – not the Church of Sydney who worships God. Understanding this is essential if we are to live out our true identity.

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Sermon-Series-Grace-City-Church-PowerLoveSeptember – October 2015

Power & Love

This mini-series at Grace City looks at two key passages from the Gospel of Luke. We learn about the power of Jesus and the love of Jesus from Luke chapter 8.

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Sermon-Series-Grace-City-Church-OriginsJuly – September 2015


Origins takes us back to the very beginning – the first book of the bible – looking at our origins as humans designed by God our creator. Explores chapters 1 – 12.

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Sermon-Series-Grace-City-Church-WeekendAwaySeptember 2015

Weekend Away 2015

These sermons are from our Grace City Weekend Away. The topic for the weekend was the theme of ‘Mission’ and what it looks like for us to do this in Green Square.

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Sermon-Series-Grace-City-Church-TheOneMay – July 2015

This is the One

Exploring the first four chapters of the Gospel of John, this series looks at the person and work of Jesus Christ. This was our first series after our launch as a new church.

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Sermon-Series-Grace-City-Church-FuelApril 2015

Fuelling the Vision

As we came closer to our public launch, we took a couple of weeks to look at what we needed to ‘Fuel the Vision’ of reaching the Green Square area.

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Sermon-Series-Grace-City-Church-ActsJanuary – March 2015


Acts was our first series as a launch team. We don’t need to start a movement ourselves, because we have the chance to join THE movement of God and his church.

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