The problem of God. A new series in Jan/Feb 2019 at Grace City Church.
We all have problems, doubts and questions about God. This series is seeking to engage skeptic’s challenges to Christianity.

13/1 Hypocrisy: My problem with God is that the church is full of hypocrites.

20/1 Hell: How could I believe in a God who send people to hell?

27/1 God’s Existence: Does God even exist?

3/2 Sex: My problem with God is his outdated concept of sexuality.

10/2 Evil and Suffering: How could I believe in a God who allows such evil and suffering in the world?

17/2 The Bible: Isn’t the Bible changed, edited and biased?

24/2 Jesus: Can I really trust Jesus?

This series is connected to a book by the same name written by Mark Clark from Canada. You can dig into further materials by clicking here. Additionally, aside from our regular speaking team, you can look forward to special guest speakers including Sam Chan. You can learn more about Sam here.